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Uncover how Drupal takes the pain out of the development process, making it more affordable and faster than ever before.

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The pain...

Rewind to 10 years ago and picture a painful process...

Painful because developing custom software was an extremely lengthy and expensive process...a luxury typically only afforded by large businesses with the right resources. And rigid processes left little room for unexpected changes or new business requirements, resulting in a finished product that did not match your unique needs.

The solution...

Now, fast forward to the present and imagine a process less painful...

Less painful because Drupal provides a powerful framework, a pre-built infrastructure, that dramatically speeds up the development process because there is no need to start from scratch. In other words, precious development time and money are spent on customizing your software to meet your specifications...not on less tedious and lower level details.That is nothing short of a revolution in the field of custom software development services.

Less painful because Drupal is open source, making it more affordable than ever before and attainable to any size business. Open source means that the framework used to support the development of your software is absolutely free, free as in you only pay for the customization of your software. That is like getting a thousand hours of development time for free.

Additionally, Drupal is developed using agile methods, meaning you will be involved in every step of the process. And ultimately allowing you to provide feedback and make necessary improvements along the way, ensuring that your custom software meets your exact needs. Moreover, the versatility of Drupal makes it a perfect tool for diverse projects- ranging from custom web development to bespoke software development suiting your business needs.

Discover how Drupal can take the pain out of developing your next project.

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The Benefits


Software customized with the exact the features, functionality and design that you desire.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate redundant and unnecessary steps. Boost productivity by reducing time and effort to accomplish tasks.


Free to add, subtract, change or modify any element anytime you want. Capable of meeting present and future requirements.

Save Money

No annual maintenance and licensing fees. Only pay for the features that you need.

Who We've Helped

Bernard Health

Project description

Bernard Health came to CMS several years ago with an idea to bring the complicated world of insurance elections online.

To tackle this complex topic, we needed to work not only with multiple insurance carriers, but also Bernard’s clients and employees. We created a comprehensive insurance portal which allows employers to easily set up insurance benefits and allow employees to sign up for insurance plans that fit their individual needs. The BerniePortal empowers employers, employees, and insurance brokers to manage entire company insurance elections without any need for paperwork. After launch, the BerniePortal proved to be a success, allowing Bernard Health access to additional income streams from Portal subscriptions, and freed crucial employee resources by cutting down on the need for one-on-one support for each client. CMS has continually supported Bernard Health the whole way, providing continual yearly updates as insurance regulations and requirements change. The Bernie Portal now serves over 10,000 users.

Main features

  • Software-as-a-service platform
  • Multiple levels of users
  • Spreadsheet data import & export
  • Automatic PDF report generation
  • Data analytics
  • Insurance company integration

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"CMS helped us create an amazing product with our BerniePortal. Bernard Health works in one of the most dynamic and fickle aspects of the healthcare industry: insurance coverage. We needed a system that could change according to requirements of the insurance companies we work with, as well as the needs of our clients. CMS created an application that takes a complicated workflow and makes it user-friendly for all."

Alex Tolbert
Bernard Health


Project description

Fed up with old paper scheduling workflow, Stradix decided it was time to go digital.

Stradix has multiple offices spread all over the southern United States. Their old system of scheduling was done through calendars and phone calls. Coordinating offices, doctors, and patients together was a constant struggle which hindered regular workflow. CMS designed and developed a cloud-based scheduling system for their company, one that would allow administrators, doctors, patients, and scheduling staff access to the information they needed on demand. The system automatically sends reminder messages to the appropriate office branches when patients need appointments and delivers daily itineraries to each branch's staff. In addition to scheduling, the system also holds and maintain medical records for each patient. Doctors can view and maintain this documentation directly from their computers, saving valuable time. Lastly, administrators can get instant access to contact databases as well as appointment data to analyze the efficiency of each office branch.

Main features

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Appointment scheduling & reminders
  • Digital medical record archive
  • Integrated messaging & communication
  • Multiple user tiers
  • Data analytics

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MD Logic

Project description

One of the leading producers of Electronic Health Record systems needed help with their web presence.

MD Logic is a well-established brand in the world of electronic medical records. CMS has a long standing relationship with them and we've had the opportunity to work on several projects with them. Besides a fully content-managed corporate website, we've worked together to build an online health record database for MD Logic's clients, allowing patients easy access to their own records and reports. CMS has also provided a full suite of graphic design services along the way, whether it be for brochures, tradeshow banners, or promotional campaigns.

Main features

  • Content management
  • Corporate internet site
  • Medical record archiving
  • Branding services

"I just wanted to take a minute to let your team of developers know just how pleased MD Logic Corporate is with the development of our new website. From our initial consultation through the website site planning you took control and delivered a product that well surpassed our website expectations.

At each stage of development your team was readily available and quick to make the requested design changes to the new website. Our decision to entrust your team to design the new website has proven to be a great decision for MD Logic, Inc.

We look forward to working with your team on several new projects. I would highly recommend your company to any corporation or business organization that is looking to build a quality state of the art website.

I sincerely appreciate all the effort provided by your team."

Tom Bierster, Jr.
CEO, MD Logic Inc.

Who We Are

50 Employees 3 Countries 1000 Projects 350,000 Hours of Experience
CMS specializes in providing effective, user friendly websites & applications.

We are a global group of talented technology professionals with a passion for helping businesses, non-profit, educational, and government organizations of all sizes transform their technology ideas into functional, effective, user friendly websites and software applications using Drupal, the world's best rapid development platform for building secure, scalable web based solutions that work on all devices from computers and laptops to tablets and mobile phones such as Ipad, Iphone, and Android.

Our clients love us because we provide a rare E-F3 business blend of experienced, fast, friendly, fair priced service and work on any size project large or small. We are big enough to get the job done right yet small enough to care and provide you with the personal service you deserve. And if we make a promise, we deliver on that promise. If we mess up, we make it right. It's as simple as that.

What else do we do?

Mobile Web Support

Deliver a better user experience and engage your customers by allowing your website to be displayed on any device.

Cloud-based Apps & Hosting

Your apps can be deployed and hosted over the internet and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Reliable Support

Ongoing support that includes: backups, updates, maintenance, 24/7 live customer support, email support and security, and 99.99% uptime.

Web Design

Put your best face forward with a clean, modern public website. We design websites to communicate your messages using clear and effective methods.

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